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Attractive to older lesbian gals?
I am straight, but it seems like 45-65 years old lesbian black woman are attracted to me, why is that, and what qualities do I have that attracts them?I work in a place where there are so many lesbains.
Im not sure but you should definitley have mad sex with them I think youw ould ahve fun. Use large dildos
How can you bring guys up to be tollerant of others whilst letting them mix with intollerant religions?
How can you bring guys up to be tollerant of others whilst letting them mix with intollerant religions?

ie tkae christinaity and islam... they hate and ill treat girls, gays, lesbains, pol dancers, nuditst, couples living together, unmarried sexaully active teen girls and young women, whnt to hurt those needing euthanasia, hurt girls needing abortions (and its their fault the girl needs one as stifleed sex ed and free condom machiens in high schools)

Its kinda like saying you want to bring you guy up to be open adn tollerant of nazis and jews in WW2 and black folk and KKK members.

if supporting the nazis and kkk cultures into lyching and gassing how can you be nice to the jews and balck folk getting persecuted?

Ie you can be tollerant of allwhen some dont tollerate and abuse others
As an outsider looking inside (atheist evaluating religions) I often wonder why people who are overall descent, kind people belong to organizations that institutionalize homophobia, sexism, racism or classicism. Lately I find myself wondering this in particular relation to the Catholic Church, the Vatican's disgusting reaction to the pedophilia cases against priests and the Roman Catholics I know. It's just mind-boggling for me: "how can you respect and support leadership that has covered and permitted something so awful?" is constantly in my head.

However, I then remember that overall it is hard to teach and act ethically and wisely considering the times we're living. Religion or no religion, making the right call and conducting yourself in a humane, descent way is a challenge and for some people religious teachings of people like Jesus or Muhammad are the best codes of conduct to imitate. This in theory has nothing to do with religion. If people admire Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha or whoever and they want to learn from their teachings there is no reason to say that this is unethical or irresponsible.

Organized religion is an expansion of their basic teachings. Some aspects of religion are completely rotten as you rightly point out. However, good, intelligent people who happen to be religious hold on to the basic, core values of their Gods, prophets or teachers, and take the entire package of indoctrination and supersition in order to remain loyal to them. Remember that in order to keep an organization religious leaders fill the people's minds with fear and promises that have nothing to do with Jesus' or Muhammad's ethics. It is very hard to let go of that fear.

I don't have guyren but if I had to teach someone to be tolerant of religion this is what I would say: 1) Be tolerant and accepting of people with their virtues and their flaws. 2) There are 2 types of religious people: sincere, dedicated people who seek to improve the world and find truth in faith and lazy, moral and narrow minded jerks, because these 2 groups exist in every faith and every religion, we must show a respectful degree of tolerance for the sake of those who are wise and ethical members of Christianity or Islam. 3) It is not up to you to decide what part of religion is nice and valid and censor what is uncomfrotable for you. As an outsider to the religion you have no say on things that don't affect you, so if a Muslim woman wants to wear hijab or a Christian woman is acceptingly treated like a whore for her sexuality, let it fly because you don't rule over other people's judgement, even if it's bad judgement. 4) Violence, crimes and hatred are what they are no matter how people cover them. Sometimes violence and acts of hatred are committed in the name of a country, of a God, of a racial group, a social class or a gender but ultimately, acts that harm human dignity and life are wrong and disgusting. Religion, politics or nationality are secondary terms when people's lives are in danger. So, when a woman is stonned to death in the name of Islam or some Christian group actively tries to censor LGBT people and their civil rights, there is no "if" or "but", these things are wrong and disgusting, they should be judged and punished each and every time. Where I live Christian groups often stage anti-Gay and pro-war events where the racism and hatred is quite evident. I don't care if these people are Christian, Muslim, atheists or worshippers of Zeus, they are wrong and I condemn their actions.

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