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Finishing School.....?
Has anyone here ever been to a finishing school?
( Where girls learn to be good housewives and manners )
Did you actually learn anything from it, were you forced to go?
I wouldn't mind going to etiquette school, but I'm not 'rich' enough for finishing school.
all I have seen is the one on tv! I would love to do something like that! I think everyone needs a refresh etiquette these days it has gone down the drain! Nice to see someone else is interested in that idea too! Sorry I couldnt help!!
Finishing school?
can u name a few good finishing schools of india & give a few details abt their activities,courses,time duration,age limit,etc.
Finishing school?
I am a high school teacher in an urban area. I would like to start some type of young lady's club/group, and I don't know where to start or how to get the students interested.
The best way to start is by surveying the interests of the young girls. Maybe set up a questionnaire for the girls to fill out to discover what their interests and concerns are, and if they would want to join a group to refine social skills, improve confidence, etc.
If you get enough positive feedback, then try to arrange a meeting. After you have a meeting, you can build up to an agenda and schedule regular meetings. Also, send students home with flyers so that their parents can help their guys evaluate their interest in such a club.
I think this is how I would go about it.
What would have been taught at a finishing school?
I would absolutly LOVE to go to a finishing school but I can't afford to and to be honest I would want to go to one in the 1950's so impossible!

What would have been taught at a finishing school? What subjects and skills?

I want to teach myself through books and the internet rather than an expensive way!

What would I need?
Try goolging June Dally-Watkins, she runs a very well known finishing school in Sydney.
How long do I have to wait inorder to open my own salon after finishing cosmetology school?
I finished school May 2009. I've been working in a salon since. I think I have to wait 1 yr after finishing school or 1 yr. after receiving my license. I worked for 6months using a temporary work permit while scheduling to take my written and practical exam. Now I've finished all that and am waiting to receive my license through the mail.
You don't even need a license to open up a salon, anywhere. So pretty sure you don't need to wait.
How old were women attending American "finishing school" in the 1900s?
Just curious...
What education might they have received prior to attending finishing school?
What age did they start going to finishing school? How old would they have been when they completed their time there?

[Note: Obviously i'm asking in reference to girla coming from high society families and that had money. ^.^]
They would have been mid-late teens.

Their formal education over at the age of 16 they would have been despatched to a finishing school to learn proper manners, deportment and how to be a snob.
If my job holds me back from finishing school should I quit?
I am mentally incapable of going to school full time and working 30 hours a week. I can take one class two at the most. Finishing school would take a long time for me. Would it be better for me to quit so I can go full time, or is it better to stay working no matter how long it would take me to finish school?
If you can financially afford to go to school without working, do it. The sooner you complete your education the sooner you will find a better paying job. This is an excellent time to be in school with the economy in the dire straits it is. Jobs are now more competitive, requiring more education. That will continue. If you have only taken one or two classes at a time I recommend you do not sign up for a full load at first...ease into it...discipline yourself. You might find that you can handle a part-time job. Good luck to you! (psychology professor)
What age would you think is ideal to enroll in etiquette or finishing school?
I am considering this type of school at the moment. :)
Any good finishing or etiquette schools in uk?
Any thoughts and experiences of this kind of education?
Thankyou x
Judging by some of the responses on this forum, I would say as early as possible; and continuing education should take place for a lifetime.
Do you think western girls can be as beautiful as Russian girls if they went to a finishing school?
I sometimes look at the western girls and they have no idea or refuse to dress in a feminine way and their personalities seem to always be like they are in competition with men. Trying to prove that they are better than them or something.

If an American or Australian girl went to a finishing school do you think you could tell the difference between an Eastern European girl and western girl. Would they carry themselves the same way?
No they can't
It's not they way they dress or look - it is INside
Russian girls are feminine, American ones are genderless.
So there can be no competition.
Im looking for a finishing school or something like a finishing school fofr summer for a high school freshman?
I'm looking to go to a finishing school(it doesnt have to actually be a finishing school just LIKE one where it teaches you manners and how to be "delightful" lol) for girls(or co-ed w/e) in america. lol im going into my freshman year of high school. thanks for your help!
Well the first question you have to ask yourself is, "How high is your tolerance for snobs?" If its high, they do have charm schools in some parts of the southern US. All the ones in Europe are so expensive and prestigious- basically, if your daddy ain't the Pope, the king of Spain or Obama, you ain't goin'! Try this one out. It looks ok! Have fun!…

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