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How do you feel about july 1st smoking ban?
On July the 1st smoking will become banned in NSW pubs,clubs and public areas. Is this fair when it is not illegal to smoke? Using heroin is illegal,but yet there are shooting galleries where people can go for a hit, but smokers are treated like social lepers. I know that i can't smoke on a plane, but there are sharps containers on aircrafts. Is this a double standard? The airlines say that these containers are for diabetics, but most of the diabetics i know carry their own.
I believe that every place that bans smoking around other people should have designated smoking areas. I mean these people pay a lot of tax for cigarettes.
Also it is good to have designated smoking areas because they protect non-smokers lungs.
Why are Europeans more tolerant of smoking than Americans?
I've been to Europe several times, and they let me smoke almost everywhere indoors in Europe(except until recently) - restaurants, bars, night clubs, office buildings and even some galleries.

Now back home in the U.S I am not allowed to smoke anywhere but outside. Why are Americans so much more anti-smoking than Europeans? More American men also seem more turned off by my smoking than European men. Why is this?
Because non smokers in the states believe everything they hear. They are the most gullible people in the world. For decades, people smoked around each other, and no problems developed. Now all of sudden you get second hand, and now third hand smoke. Oh brother. If second hand smoke was as dangerous as people believe it is, there would be nobody alive in their 50s and 60s. They all grew up in clouds of smoke from their parents WW2 era.
What do you think of 16yr old Taylor Momsen smoking?
the girl who plays Jenny on Gossip girls…
i don't usually judge celebrities and i'm not saying she has to be a role model
i just think shes too pretty to be smoking
Her lungs, not mine.
How to clean an oil painting?
My grandmother did several oil paintings before she died. They are lovely, but only valuable to our family.

The painting is sticky and drippy with smoke residue due to heavy smoking around it. My local art gallery wants almost $200 to clean it!

Is there a home-remedy that I could attempt?

Thanks for any advice you can offer!
I can't make any guarantees about the safety of these methods for your particular paintings. But I can tell you what I do to clean my own paintings, and how we clean the priceless paintings at the gallery I work at.

1. safest, but won't work on sticky areas: use a very soft brush to remove dust and soot particles (super soft paintbrush, baby toothbrush, shaving brush, that kind of thing). You can buy a micro attachment kit for your vacuum that has small brushes (under an inch in diameter) for deeper cleaning (don't scrub the surface with the bristles, though--just light, circular passes). If that doesn't work, you can use a chemical sponge (dry rubber sponge: in short strokes across the surface, but only if the surface isn't damaged or flaky. It picks up every last bit of dirt and soot, but likely won't work on the really sticky parts.

2. use soft, clean cloths and water with a few drops of dish detergent. If you can remove the frame to test this on the side or edge of the painting first, do so. Watch the surface of the painting and check the cloths to see what's coming off, and obviously if the paint colours are lifting off, stop cleaning. Try just damp cloths at first, dab the painting, no scrubbing. If she painted on canvas, be careful not to stretch the canvas by pressing too hard. If damp cloths aren't working, use a bit more water, just beware that water can seep under varnish, if there is any, and that if the paint is thin, and the canvas or board gets wet, it can shrink or warp and cause cracks in the paint. I've cleaned my own paintings this way, but the conservator would wring my neck if I ever tried it at the gallery. I've also used rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball for really bad areas...scary, but it works. Use a tiny amount of alcohol.

If these methods don't work, it might be worth it to ask around at the gallery to see if there is a conservator's apprentice or helper working there. Ask around unofficially by checking with the security guards, reception staff, gallery shop clerks, etc. He/she might be willing to look at your painting to recommend a solvent or clean it for a lower price (under the table on his/her own time). You could also check antique and framing shops to see if they have lower prices for cleaning services.
To: All Randy Orton Fans that hate smoking.?…

To make this a question, how do you feel about Randy Orton smoking?
i new that he was smoking but i think its so stupid and taking drugs is also not a good thing. smoking is a bad habbit and will screw up his career. bad move.
Help deciphering the photographer of this photographic depiction?
There's a photograph on the itunes application art gallery, it depicts a blonde girl on the right side of the photograph smoking. She wears a colorful mask and a red dress. It looks as though the background is a field. If anyone knows the artist it would be very helpful. Thanks
Please link me to the photo. I might recognize the artist or maybe able to find out from the EXIF data for you.
Question about a portrait in the National Portrait Gallery, Washington, D.C.?
Hello, I am hoping someone out there can answer this:
In the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C. there is a portrait of Leonard Bernstein. It is a painting of him when he was younger, and he is smoking a cigarette and possibly sitting at a piano. Has anyone seen the portrait I am talking about? I want to know who painted it. I saw it a year ago, and wrote down the artist's name, but I have since lost it. Also, if you are familiar with the portrait, would you happen to know where I can purchase a print of it?
Here is the link to one of the Gallery portraits:…

It is by Rene Robert Bouche. You can probably contact the gallery about a reproduction or, maybe, a postcard.
Why is smoking so sexy?
I mean, there's nothing inherently attractive about a person setting fire to a bunch of leaves wrapped in paper and then sticking it in their mouth.

But god, it's so sexy when people smoke! Case in point:…

(And don't tell me that it's not. I understand that it's not healthy, but the fact remains that smoking has been used for sex appeal for decades.)

So, why is smoking so sexy?
I don't know, but it is pretty sexy. I think it's the bad boy/girl thing that makes it so sexy. That is until the smoke gets blown in my face.
Why don't Ultra-Orthodox Israeli Jews want their guyren taught ANY science at school, but smoking is fine?
Photos no. 2, 5, 13 & 16 of very young guys smoking in Jerusalem, Purim 2009…

Bnei Brak - Campaign Against Charedi Youngsters Smoking on Purim…

Jerusalem Post - May 14, 2010

"All state-funded schools are legally obligated to teach the core curriculum, which includes math, English and sciences. Two years ago, however, the Knesset approved a law exempting haredi high schools from those subjects without canceling their funding."…

"By the year 2020, the Ultra-orthodox population of Israel will double to one million and make up 17 per cent of the total population."

"Majority of Jews will be Ultra-Orthodox by 2050"…
Wow! I'm going to go out and find some of those Jews and demand they stop this now because, of course, it's my business to make sure everyone knows how terrible and rotten the Jews are. And when enough people have been told about how terrible and rotten the Jews are, then there will be militias keeping tabs on Jews and watching their every move.

Never again!

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