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Should girls be spanked lighter than boys?
I was wondering because I have a daughter and son who are both 5 and I think ready to be disciplined? So I am thinking of spanking the girl lighter than I would the boy. Is this correct or can girls take it just as hard?
Thank You.
no! they deserve equal
Do you think tomboys get spanked more than other girls?
It's been said that boys get spanked more than girls. But what about just girls that are spanked? Do you think that tomboys would probably get spanked more than other girls?
yes because they act like boys and most boys get in trouble for most of the stupid stuff they do i know cause i used to be one ,but i didn't get spankings i got yelled at more than all of my sister and brother because i would try to show that i am better than my brother
Any good spanking websites with free videos of guys/girls being spanked/punished?
im looking for a website that has free videos of guys or girls being spanked and punished, please, free websites only..thankyou
There are only a few i know but youll love them.
Is there a safe porn site where i can find some naughty girls getting spanked?
girls bring spanked preferably by men...and just otk
As much as I'd love to give you the link to my own online spanking video store, I know that the answer would be deleted if I did. A better question might have been "who would be willing to message me with a safe porn site for spanking?" As it is, the best answer that I can give for your question is simply "yes."
Why do you have to be 18 to watch videos of girls being spanked?
Theyre not showing any private parts. So why are they limited to adults only?
Because spanking between adults is considered an adult activity, and minors don't need to be exposed to it if it can be avoided. They will have time to experience those things when they are an adult, themselves.

Now, as a producer of spanking videos, though, I'm confused as to why you'd believe that no private parts are shown. The vast majority of spanking videos (and all that I have produced) feature girls being spanked on the bare bottom, sometimes with subtle glimpses of other parts if she's squirming about. Now, when I last checked, a girl's naked backside is still considered "private."

Another thing, though, is that you're SUPPOSED to be 18 before viewing such material, but the reality is less clear. If you believe for a second that there aren't any minors finding porn on the internet, including spanking porn, then you're fooling yourself. If you hang around a spanking chatroom or website long enough, you will either run into a person that admits checking spanking porn out online before they were of age, or will actually run into someone who's currently aged. The time will soon come when we'll have to really re-think how we approach sexuality with minors. We will either have to shield them better from this kind of material, or we'll just have to accept that teens are going to be sexual. The first option, though, is almost impossible, and the second would be unthinkable. This is the direction that we're going, though.
Any teen or pre-teen girls that still gets spanked by their parents?
This question is only for girls that still gets spanked from their parents...
When was your last spanking?
What age do you think it'll end?
How are you spanked?
What is used to spank you?
I do.
Last week
Hopefully soon
I depends. Last one bare butt with a hairbrush on my bed. The one before that was like that with a belt.
Being over the knee spanked by a girl. Have any girls out there had this request from a guy?
Would you do this if asked? Any responses from the ladies out there in y-a space would be appreciated. I want to ask her or should I just forget this desire?
If you're looking for advice on how to ask an otherwise vanilla girlfriend to spank you, you're probably looking in the wrong place. Try a site in which fetish discussions are common, such as Fetlife or Spankolife. Regardless, I would actually suggest not trying to convert a non-spanko. There are enough spanko women out there that will spank you that you shouldn't have to try to turn someone that isn't one into a temporary one.
Do more boys or do more girls get spanked?
I know that boys are more wilder than girls but do girls get wild also?
Girls respond better to spanking much longer than boys. Boys up until about teenage, girls much longer.
Do guys like to get spanked in the bed room like girls do?
I met this girl a while back that always wanted to start with a spanking, I have had a desire for this my self, I am not sure why. Do guys like this too?
Some do, my husband occasionally wants a foreplay spanking. Usually I am the one getting spanked. Lots of other men, especially ones with stressful jobs, enjoy a spanking to get their personalities "centered." (Balancing dominance at work with submission at home)
Why do teenage girls get spanked more than teenage boys?
Why does it seem like teenage girls are spanked alot more than teenage boys? It's like they stop getting spanked once they become teenagers, but us girls still get spankings
for years after. My mom says it's because teen girls need it more and that spanking works better on teenage girls than teenage boys. I'm not really complaing, I just want to know what everyone else thinks why this is.
It is just my observation that girls are spanked to a later age.

It may be because girls by their nature will cry after a spanking and then move on. Lesson learned and rejoins the family. Boys tend to hold-in their emotions and become resentful.

Also, boys have to be spanked much harder to get their attention because of anatomical differences.

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